Version 4 is now on iTunes!!!

An extensive overhaul of the app is now complete, making a 4.5/5 star app even better! This upgrade is packed with lots of new features and a new interface that supports both portrait and landscape modes.

With iTouchStats Basketball, you are in control over how much data you want to track. The most popular method is to track individual player stats for one team while tracking just the opponent’s team stats, as shown in the 1st screen shot. Or you can track individual player stats for both teams, as shown in the 2nd screen shot. Which stats you track for each team is up to you. Even the use of the game clock and shot location tracking are optional.

A unique feature of iTouchStats Basketball is the quick stat icons that appear next to a player’s photo or jersey. These icons coordinate with the stat button colors, giving you an easy way to see a player’s key stats without needing to leave the main scoring screen. Icons include: Points (Green), Fouls (Red), Turnovers (Orange), Assists (Yellow), Steals (Gray), and Blocks (Brown). By double-tapping on a player, you can get even more stat details including shot charts and shooting percentages.

NEW ▸▸ One of the coolest features added in v4.0 is the team bench that appears at the bottom of the score keeping screen. The bench greatly improves player subbing and also gives you easy access to viewing the stats of the players not in the game. You can even register a stat to a player on the bench if a sub-in was missed.

NEW ▸▸ User Definable Rating System (This system has the ability to give individual values to each stat, allowing a quick easy way for a coach or parent to see how a player performed in a game based on these values.)

NEW ▸▸ User Definable Stat Button (This definable stat button can also be turned off in the game reports.)

NEW ▸▸ Team quick stats are displayed in the scoreboard.

NEW ▸▸ iCloud Data Backups

NEW ▸▸ Half Timeouts have been added as an option.

NEW ▸▸ Running Clock is an added Rules option.

IMPROVED ▸▸ Game and season PDF reports. Not only has the look improved, but you can now choose which stats are displayed on PDF reports. For example, if the game clock is not used and deflections are not tracked, then you can turn these fields off in PDF reports.

IMPROVED ▸▸ Stat viewing options. You can now view a team or player(s) stats by periods. For example, you could use this to compare how your starters did in the 2nd half vs. the 1st half. You could even do this over multiple games!

IMPROVED ▸▸ Season, Team, and Player management. For users who track multiple seasons, you will now only see data relating to your “Default” season, but changing between seasons can be done easily.

▸ 2-Point, 3-Point, Free Throws, Field Goals (Made, Attempts, and % for each)
▸ Rebounds (Offensive, Defensive, Dead Ball)
▸ Assists
▸ Blocks
▸ Steals
▸ Turnovers (optional Forced or Unforced: Out of Bounds, Lost Ball, Ball Handling, Bad Pass, Back Court, 3 Sec, 5 Sec, 10 Sec, Shot Clock, Other)
▸ Fouls (optional: Offensive, Defensive, Flagrant, Team Technical, Player Technical)
▸ Charges Taken
▸ Deflections
▸ Forced Jump Balls
▸ Efficiency (Stat formula taken from
▸ Rating (User Definable Rating System)
▸ Minutes Played
▸ Games (Started, Played)
▸ User Definable Stat Button

What Customers Are Saying 웃:
“As a coach, parent, fan, I can say with confidence that iTouchStats is second to none. This is the third basketball stats app I have used and iTouchStats surpasses the others in functionality and diversity.”
“Best investment I’ve made in my coaching career (23 years).”
“Your basketball app is the BEST on the market.”
“The most expensive programs are average compared to this.”
“Every update has separated this program further and further from all others.”
“The best just keeps getting better.”
“Easiest program to use on the market.”
“This app is absolutely AWESOME!”
“While iTouchStats has the ability to keep complex stats for every player on the court, it also allows stat tracking to be as complex or simple as you would like. You can truly track the stats that are important to you.”
“It has a lot of features, but it’s easy to only use the ones you want.”
“You can use the app for a lot of stats or just a few.”
“iTouchStats features a unique user interface which allows you to use player headshots or other picture to assist in quick recognition of each player… During fast paced action with other apps I often struggled to locate players, with this app and the picture recognition function locating players on my team was simple.”
“The reports are outstanding.”
“Reports are informative and lacking in nothing.”
“The reports are as detailed as they come.”

Create Game Rules
iTouchStats Basketball lets you create game rules. This ensures the appropriate game time, 3-point line, time outs, etc. are used while keeping game stats.

Manual Stats Input
Has your season already started? Don’t worry! This app also provides the option to input the stats for games that are already finished. This allows for viewing up-to-date team and player total stats from the beginning of the season. This will also allow you to edit or make corrections to saved games stats if necessary

MaxPrepsiTouchStats is now a registered stat supplier for High School Basketball coaches can export game stats into a MaxPreps compatible file with the optional “MaxPreps File Exporter.”