v3.03 sent to Apple for review

Version 3.03 is a small update to fix 2 bugs. The app was closing when some users were trying to email the MaxPreps file. The other issue that was fixed is that the game log was not always showing the plays for all periods in the game report. This should be on iTunes in a couple days. Sorry for any inconvenience. – Travis

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v3.02 – Sent to Apple for Review (Small Update)

Version 3.02 is a small update that was sent to Apple last night for review. This update will let you once again post scores to Facebook and the AirPrint function is now working as intended on the iPad. The larger app overhaul is still a few weeks away, but I wanted to address these bugs sooner. – Travis

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Posting game scores to Facebook issue.

Due to recent changes by Facebook, posting game scores to Facebook via the app is currently not working. This issue will be fixed in the major update that is due out at the end of this month. Sorry for the inconvenience. – Travis

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Interface redesign coming soon.

I am working on redesigning the user interface for iTouchStats Basketball.  This update will simplify the season management, making it easier to to add, edit, and view relevant player and team information on a per season basis.

How it will work: only the players, teams, and games for the selected season will be shown.  You can easily switch to other seasons, so tracking multiple seasons at the same time is not a problem.

If you would like to see what this will look like, check out the setup tutorial for iTouchStats Football linked here.

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iTouchStats Basketball – App News

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This will include: what is new for a version release, things to come, and any reported issues that are currently being worked on.

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